Task 1 writing overview

Cat writing

Welcome to the writing section.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult aspect of the exam for most students. Most people find it difficult to write in a specific way without training or coaching.  This is also the same for most native speakers, who cannot write an IELTS essay without learning the techniques.  This is an indicator that  the skill is difficult.

(Why is there a picture of a cat writing?  I don't know, I just liked the picture!!).


Task 1 does not carry as many marks as task 2, but they are both necessary as a combined score towards your mark. Don't think  "If I don't do so well in task 1, I can make up for it in task 2".


Ensure that you complete this task fully, as it is possible that you may think you can make up the score in task 2. But what happens if you get a 'difficult topic' in task 2?  'Kung ito'y mangyari   Ano ang iyong gagawin? 


Don't take that chance!!!!!


Rules for task 1.


You are 'reporting' the information, which means that you are only writing about what is in the chart, table, graph, etc....


Your opinion about the information is not required. Why you think the information is the way it is, is not required.


You must not write about 'everything'. the 'main' features' request in the title is there for a reason. To see if you do the task requested.


THE PLAN is the most important element of the task. Do not try to write without one. (Don't be matigas ang ulo ninyo!! and think you do not need one.)

No plan
               No plan



Adhere to the recommended timings, which will be discussed in the following section.


Now let's proceed to get our hands dirty (idiom, which means doing the 'real thing' eg: doing theory is not getting your hands dirty. Doing actual writing is!).