Introduction to Grammar Awareness

Welcome to our Grammar Awareness Course.


As a pre-requisite to the IELTS 10-hour & 20-hour courses, this course will feature many examples of grammar directly relevant to the IELTS exam, and also some general grammar items which are often used incorrectly by non-native speakers of English.


Throughout the course there are quizzes to help you maximize your learning, and videos to watch. (the videos are taken from various sites on the internet. I felt that there was no need to 're-invent the wheel', (this is an idiom, which means 'do not do what has already been done') so the videos are credited to others). We have also recently introduced some of our YouTube videos as a part of the course. Some will be included, but most will remain on our YouTube channel.


By taking this course 1st, you will gain more of an understanding of how to correctly and more accurately tackle the tasks in the exam.


We also have a feedback section but not a help section as this is not a teacher-student session course.  Any questions can be e-mailed (e-mail us) and will be responded to.


We have also created a forum for all registered users. This can be used to post questions, supply answers, and assist fellow students. It also has a section about living and working in The UK. (post your questions and I will endeavour to answer them).


There is also a grammar section on our sister website Dumaguete IELTS


Thank you and once again, Welcome.


Dumaguete IELTS.