Grammar Awareness Course

Grammar Awareness for IELTS course

Thank you for enrolling in the Grammar Awareness  for IELTS course.

The Grammar Awareness for IELTS Course is a pre-cursor to either of the main 10 or 20 hour IELTS courses.

The main sections deal with: tenses, prepositions, modals, quantifiers, plural and singular nouns, subject-verb agreement. Also, countable and uncountable nouns and a whole lot more grammar.  An understanding the essential differences in the structures, things to avoid, and things to remember.

You are also reminded that if there are errors you can bring them to my attention, and at the same time, you can be my teacher, and correct me. (


There are quizzes after each section for you to reinforce the things you are learning.

The quizzes will help you to understand the structure of the sentences you will be writing and speaking. The IELTS test focuses on the correct forms of English, and is quite different to just ‘being understood’, which is ok for everyday life, but not for the exam. Do the sections and the quizzes several times. Once is not enough when it comes to language. The way you learnt your own language was mainly through repetition and copying the people speaking around you. This is how you must learn grammar. Repetition is key.


But!! The most important thing is to practice.  This course does not automatically mean that once you finish, you have all the grammar you need. You have the information but it is 100% your responsibility to practice, THIS, is what will improve your level and ability. As an afterthought, most of my students spend several hours per day on social media, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…). If you can spend even 1 of the many hours per day you may spend on social media doing this course it will be time well spent.


Thank you for your time and enjoy the course.

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Grammar Awareness Course

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