20-hour IELTS course

This is our 20-hour IELTS preparation course.


As you may have read, this 20-hour IELTS course is for students who are hovering below the 6-6.5 band score and need more lessons and more instruction to be able to obtain a band 7+.  I have also, where possible used Tagalog structures and compared them to English structures to show the differences. Apart from these examples, the course is almost entirely in English. After all, you are taking the IELTS exam, so you should be doing all of your studying in English.

(For students who wish to compare this to our 10-hour course, click to view the 10-hour course.)

We are offering this course in the hope that it will provide you with all the material, advice and practice material you need to enable you to ‘know what to practice’ as well as improve your general skill level, and subsequently improve your confidence.


From personal experience of teaching former students, this course will focus more on the writing and speaking elements, than the reading and listening. The 2 former elements are where students tend to fall below the required band score.


The course format of lessons is listed below.


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20-Hour IELTS preparation course

6 months of access

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