Grammar Awareness for IELTS course


Thank you for enrolling in the course. The main sections deal with: tenses, prepositions, modals, quantifiers, plural and singular nouns, subject-verb agreement, countable and uncountable nouns and a whole lot more.  We also incorporate the differences between English and Tagalog (Filipino) for those Filipino students who have a more difficult time understanding the essential differences in the structures, things to avoid, and things to remember.

The last lesson, which is regularly updated, highlights the differences between Tagalog and English structures.


You are also reminded that if there are errors in the Tagalog, you can bring them to my attention, and at the same time, you can be my teacher, and correct me. Diba?


There are quizzes after each section for you to reinforce the things you are learning.


But!! The most important thing is to practice.  This course does not automatically mean that once you finish, you have all the grammar you need. You have the information but it is 100% your responsibility to practice, THIS, is what will improve your level and ability.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the course.


For you to see if this course will be useful to you,we have provided access to the introduction section, which explains the course, followed by the 1st lesson which is the 'Present Simple Tense'.  This tense forms the basis of many parts of the test. Task 1 in writing has many grammar aspects in the present. Take a look, and If you like it, please enroll. We believe the prices are very good value.


Course Information

Grammar Awareness for IELTS

6 months of access

Grammar Awareness course is a grammar overview course which covers the things which you need to be able to suceed in the IELTS exam. You should do this before attempting the main 10 hour or 20 hour courses. 






Nouns & Pronouns


Parallel Structure

Miscellaneous lessons