10 hour IELTS course

Welcome to the 10-hour course


This course is for students who are at around band 6.5 and wish to increase their band score by 1-2 bands. They will already have most of the skills needed, and to a reasonable level, but need  less study time to increase their skills.


Welcome to the 10-hour IELTS preparation course.


This course is the shorter of the 2 IELTS courses designed for students who need more specific preparation study.

These students will have the grammar fundamentals needed and can focus more on the techniques and the requirements.

As this is a 10 hours course, the units will be divided thus:


2 hours for reading.         2 hours for listening.              4 hours for speaking.          4 hours for writing.


The reason for this structure is from my experience as an IELTS trainer, students have always spent more time focusing on the 2 productive elements of the test, as these are the most difficult.


The course will feature:


Step by guides with many examples of grammar structures, vocabulary, expressions, idioms, formal and informal writing, techniques for all 4 components, and much more.

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Course Information

10-Hour IELTS preparation course

6 months of access

Single course option for the 10-Hour IELTS preparation course. Enrollment entitles subscriber to 6 months access to the course.